What's up with
the blue canoe?

The blue canoe is more than just our logo, it's a way of life!

The boat is a symbol of our community, both strong & steadfast, yet light & friendly.

The color of this boat is a symbol for the Atlantic waters that fill our harbor, and the sky above Brown's Island on a warm Marblehead morning. 

It's a place where time moves slowly, and winding up "without a paddle" really isn't such a big deal... someone is sure to lend a helping hand!

At the Blue Canoe Cafe, we try to follow this mantra.

We take pride in our service, cream in our coffee, and ourselves not too seriously.

So whether you're swimming in paperwork or the harbor, off for lunch break or summer break, we're here to assist with great coffee, fresh baked goods, satisfying sandwiches, and healthy smoothies all day long!


start at the blue canoe

We feel lucky to live in such a beautiful town, and we want to show it off!

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